Group of People with Research

We provide independently commissioned research on leading trends in project management. Our goal is to provide deep insight into challenges and opportunities in today’s ever-changing project management environment from knowledge workers and practitioners in the field.


We strive to ensure our research is designed to be action-oriented, easy to use, concise, impactful, and based on actual data collected from practicing professionals. We provide industry benchmarking and peer comparisons to help organizations achieve excellence.


The results of this research is exclusively available to our members.

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Industry Forum

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Our Industry Forum is invitation only meeting platform for senior leaders who are responsible for strategy execution in their organization, through best practices in Project Management and Work Management. The forum meets on a regular cadence and members deliberate on topics that are pre-selected by the members.


This 3-4 hour meeting is an excellent "meeting of the minds" opportunity where members can collectively debate, ponder and discuss the topic at hand. In some cases an industry expert is also invited to share best practices and trends.


Our research analyst gathers insights from the discussion and develops a white paper which is published to the members post meeting.

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Thought Leadership

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Based on our experience across various industries in the areas of Work and Project Management, we provide thought the leadership on emerging trends and current practices. This thought leadership is exclusive to our clients.

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