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Smartsheet Expert Certificate


This course is designed for users who have foundational knowledge and skills in Smartsheet and who wish to further develop their abilities in collaborative work management. Upon completion of this course, the certified user will be able to develop Smartsheet solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.


Length: 8-hours

Mode of Instruction: Virtual (Instructor led) & In-Class

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Excel, Smartsheet Foundations or equivalent knowledge

Level: Advanced



After completing this certificate course, a user will be able to

  • Leverage advanced sheet functions

  • Use forms to gather information

  • Create efficient formulas for sheets

  • Create complicated workflows to automate sheets

  • Learn best practices for cell linking

  • Learn efficient use of reports

  • Create informative dashboards


Course Outline


Advanced Sheet Functions

  • Using hierarchy to summarize tasks and visualize start and end dates in Gantt view

  • Using Card and Calendar views

  • Tracking sheet changes through cell history, activity log and highlight changes


  • Creating complicated formulas to automate calculations for variance and identifying anomalies

  • Using cross-sheet cell linking to create cross-tabs for important metrics


  • Creating forms to collect data

  • Customizing forms

  • Using multiple forms to gather input from different stakeholders on the same sheet


  • Creating efficient reports based on different users and use cases

  • Filtering reports based on various criteria

  • Automating report deliveries


  • Creating automated update request

  • Archiving data based on multiple conditions

  • Using reminders to keep collaborators aware of important dates

  • Creating automated alerts for high-risk tasks and changes


  • Creating project dashboards

  • Displaying reports on dashboard

  • Creating charts to graph key sheet data

  • Managing access to the dashboard to a limited audience

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