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Managing Projects Using Smartsheet


This course is designed for anyone who is involved in projects or change management. It’s ideal for project managers, project coordinators, team leads, functional managers, program managers, and project team members. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to use Smartsheet to successfully initiate, execute, control and close projects.


Length: 8-hours

Mode of Instruction: Virtual (Instructor led) 

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Excel & Project Management (Optional). Smartsheet Foundations or equivalent

Level: Advanced



After completing this certificate course, a user will be able to:

  • Use Smartsheet to setup, manage project schedule and resources.

  • Monitor project performance, issues and risks through the use of features such as RAID logs, Critical Path, S-Curves and others.

  • Implement automation to save time and increase efficiency

  • Establish dependent relationships between tasks to keep project plans up to date

  • Track resource availability across multiple projects

  • Communicate key metrics to stakeholders using reports and dashboards.

  • Roll up information to keep track of data at the program or portfolio level

Each attendee will be eligible to receive 8 PDUs and a certificate of completion upon successfully completing this course

Course Outline


Creating the Project Sheet

  • Create a new project file using Import, Template and Save as New options

  • Transfer the Work Breakdown Structure to Smartsheet Hierarchies

  • Add and configure columns for project use

  • Apply Conditional Formatting

  • Transform the base sheet to a project sheet

  • Adjust the Working and Non-Working days of the plan

  • Create task relationships

  • Adjust the task lag and lead time

Managing the Project

  • Use formulas to automate sheet activities

  • Setup update requests to automate collection of updates on tasks and activities

  • Automate notifications to team members

  • Build Cell Links between sheets to track and consolidate data

  • Setup RAID (Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions) Log

Working with Resources

  • Assign resources to tasks

  • Assign multiple resources to a task

  • Enable the Resource Management

  • Track resource scheduling conflicts in Resources Management

  • Create and Share Resource Views

  • Export and deploy custom Resource Views

Monitor project performance

  • Display the critical path

  • Create a project baseline to track project progress

  • Create Variance columns to track schedule, work, and budget performance

  • Generate S-Curve

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Create reports for tracking project progress

  • Build and deploy dashboards to communicate key project metrics to the project team and stakeholders

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