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Smartsheet System Admin Certificate


This course is designed for new and existing Smartsheet System Administrators interested in:

  • Understanding their role and responsibilities.

  • Learning best practices.

  • Implement guidelines and policies.

  • Reduce administrative burden by implementing automation for various requests and functions.


Length: 4-hours

Mode of Instruction: Virtual (Instructor led)

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Excel, Smartsheet Foundations or equivalent

Level: Advanced



After completing this certificate course, a user will be able to:

  • Manage users and groups.

  • Control license allocation and request.

  • Perform account administration functions.

  • Configure features and functions.

  • Setup security controls.

  • Implement company-wide policies and settings.

  • Implement best practices for Business/Enterprise accounts

Each attendee will walk away with a customized smartsheet policy document for their team/organization.


Course Outline


Managing Users and groups

  • Adding and removing users

  • Assigning account type (licensed and unlicensed) and permission levels

  • Managing and automating license requests

  • Creating and managing user groups

  • Transferring sheet ownership among users

  • Bulk update users


Account administration

  • Feature Management such as:

    • Resource Management

    • Images in Grid

    • Web Content Widget

  • In-App chat configuration

  • 3rd Party integration for automation and file attachments

  • Account branding

  • Profile visibility

  • Account discovery

  • Custom screens (Welcome, Upgrade, Help)

  • File storage limits and usage

Policy and settings

  • Developing a smartsheet policy document including but not limited to:

    • User (on-boarding, departures, role changes, profile and personal settings)

    • Sharing permissions and levels

    • Document sharing and attachments

    • Comments and collaboration

    • Publishing

    • Mobile use

Security Controls

  • Authentication

  • Publishing permission and options

  • Sharing permissions

  • Group membership options

  • Auto provisioning and web content

  • Login history and activity logs

  • Running reports and taking appropriate actions:

    • Sheet access

    • User lists

    • Published items report

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