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Connecting Dots

Lead with Data

no code, dynamic dashboards for everyone
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Data analysis for your team

Get everybody on the same page with centralized access to shared, up-to-date data for decision-making. Combine data from different sources and metrics in one view and instantly segment, filter, and change visualizations within seconds. All self-serve. Without a line of code.

Dashboards and beyond


A playful environment for deep-dive data analysis. Combine data from different sources and use the full suite of visualization options.

TV Dashboards

Display your dashboards on any screen, including TVs throughout the office, using either light or dark mode.


Track progress by adding up to 10 goals to each metric and display them on your dashboards.

Custom Metrics

Create any metric using any data source and structure. It's intuitive, flexible and you get to explore, make changes and see a live preview.

Powerful data visualizations

Not all solutions excel at making your metrics look professional. Our Solution gives you customizable, presentation-ready data visualizations and dashboards that will have your peers thinking you hired a designer.


Collaborate and share with your team

Share your dashboards with colleagues so you're all using the same data for decision-making. Better yet, share metrics and empower teams to set up dashboards themselves with their own business logic, dimensionality, granularity, and visualizations.

Make Data-Driven Decisions Effortlessly


Ready to experience the simplicity and power of Dynamic Dashboards?

Rock-solid metrics without the price tag of traditional BI

Pricing plans designed to help you get the most value out of your data
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