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Add a latest comment column!

You can add a column to your sheet and display the newest comment in that column. This lets you see the latest feedback from your team without opening the conversations panel.

Add the latest comment column to your sheet

  1. Right-click at the top of your sheet and then select Insert column.

  2. In the popup, select Latest comment.

  3. Right-click the column and select Remove column to delete it.

TIP: It can take a few minutes for your comments to appear. Try refreshing the sheet if load times seem slow. Add a date stamp for the latest comment The comment date doesn’t automatically appear in your sheet. You can add a date column and then create a workflow to insert the latest date. Learn more about workflows.

  1. Insert a new column to the right or left of your comment column. Be sure to select Date for the column type.

  2. At the top left of the sheet, select Automation > Create workflow from template.

  3. Under Sheet changes, select Record the date when specified criteria are met and follow the instructions on your screen.

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