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How a leading manufacturer used Smartsheet to improve it's product development

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


Our client, a leading manufacturer was facing the following challenges with their product development process:

  • Lack of collaborative tool: Work managed in Excel or Sharepoint was time-consuming and unproductive

  • Inefficient communication: Communication between 50+ project members was challenging and required weekly meetings to follow up on status

  • Dispersed team: Hundreds of employees, partners and vendors globally impacted by product development process


Achievan built a custom solution on the Smartsheet platform with the following components:

  • Formulas were used for conditional formatting to show status of task

  • Automated update requests keep team members engaged and projects on track

  • Cell linking keeps status across projects up to date

  • Back and forth email communication and Excel spreadsheets were replaced

  • Individual dashboards for all employees which make tracking personal tasks easier

  • Automated alerts to all stakeholders regarding any potential delays


  • Increased transparency and fewer emails: Real-time visibility, reducing email chains and phone calls

  • Reduced meetings: Teams make real-time updates resulting in fewer status update meetings

  • Collaboration: Improved communication and collaboration culture across teams


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