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How a leading cosmetics manufacturer Cosmetica Labs used Smartsheet to digitize HR

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


Cosmetica's HR department was facing the following challenges

  • Siloed plans: No central place to track recruitment related decisions and actions across multiple teams

  • Lack of visibility: Disorganized mix of tools meant no central program for managing the recruitment cycle

  • Longer recruitment cycles: Adhoc recruitment plans and decentralized platforms leading to longer recruitment cycles, making the model non-scalable as the company grows


Achievan built a custom solution on the Smartsheet platform with the following components

  • Standardize and automate the recruitment process with real-time access to all the team members

  • HR team gains anytime, anywhere access to recruitment and onboarding data and upcoming processes needed

  • Integration with job portals like Indeed and Workday

  • Dynamic status update on various roles using dashboards

  • Centralized repository of documents and forms for onboarding


  • Set for scale: With repeatable processes in place, time saving automation, and real time process visibility, a framework is set for successful growth

  • Shorter recruitment cycle: With cross platform integration and standardized process, the recruitment cycle is shorter

  • True visibility: All status is instantly updated and universally available to all team members, removing the need to hunt down details


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