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How a leading cosmetics manufacturer Cosmetica Labs used Smartsheet to improve its R&D processes

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


The R&D team at Cosmetica was facing the following challenges

  • No real-time updates: Offline tools were not efficient in keeping up to date with all the changes across multiple projects

  • Inefficient communication: Status across various stages of development being shared over hundreds of emails

  • Error prone system: Email updates, offline documentation and version control challenges opened up the tracking to human errors


Achievan used Smartsheet to build a custom solution with the following key components

  • One sheet to track each research stream, reflects real-time data and status

  • Update requests give partners a way to collect information from vendors while keeping product details confidential

  • Automated alerts to notify of any significant changes in the project

  • All details, documents and updates consolidated in one central online tool, ensuring information consistency

  • Dynamically updated dashboards presenting a consolidated status across projects


  • Central view of truth: All project details consolidated in one spot

  • Real-time information: Each research stream’s true status reflected live

  • Successful adoption: Intuitive interface is easily adopted and the ease of use keeps projects running smoothly

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