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Extra New Features - Week of December 22, 2022

1. Upgraded export experience

Most of the issues we were seeing around export to excel and bulk long processes in general is that users can’t see the time it will take, or when an error occurs so we decided to switch things up.

We changed the modal and added new ‘states’:

Small board- success:

Big board- setting the right expectations:

Failed state:

In all cases, the exported file will be downloaded to the desktop and will also be sent as an email.

2. CRM sales - Share email access/connection to different members and customize settings

The Problem / Opportunity 🎯

Currently, users are unable to share general (shared) email inboxes like with other users - this is a crucial feature for sales reps and managers. One of our biggest requests we get is to share email addresses with multiple users.

Target Audience / Personas 👫

CRM product users only - this enhancement will only be available to CRM while Work Management users will remain with the current functionality.

Solution 🧩

Introduce various permissions which would allow users in the account use connected emails

3. Dependencies adjust - ‘strict mode’

Dependencies "strict" mode (aka "Adjust")

As part of the new dependencies experience, we're glad to release the "strict" dependency mode which completes the old offering of dependencies and will allow us to complete the migration to the new dependencies experience.

There are two types of dependency automations -

1. "Flexible" - ensures there is no overlap between dependent item's date ranges. (dependency changes were triggered only if there is an overlap)

2. "Strict" - reflect any change to its dependent item chain.

So far the new dependency experience supported the "Flexible" mode. Now we've added the support in "Strict" mode.

Users are now able to select and switch between dependency modes using the connect column dialog. (Bonus - the dialog was improved to show the existing configuration and selected columns)

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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