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How a leading real estate development firm uses Smartsheet to manage employee performance

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


  • Lack of collaborative tool & transparency:

    • Individual reviewers did not have a consistent way to enter employee ratings based on multiple criteria

  • Multiple reviewers were not able to collaborate on an employee’s rating and the leadership team was not able to review performance data at an aggregate/roll-up level

  • Lack of visibility:

    • There are different roles for different types of reviewers. However, the roles are not mutually exclusive. There are times where reviewers would need to wear multiple hats. Client was looking for a way to provide different levels of access to these roles for customized visibility.

    • Status of completion was not visible, leading to the performance rating process being delayed

  • No real time updates:

    • Client needed a way to aggregate rating scores from all reviewers as they continue to rate their employees in real time


Achievan used Smartsheet’s Control Center (SCC) and Work Apps products to build a custom solution with the following key components:

  • An intake process to capture all employees that need to be calibrated

  • A consistent approach to setup calibration templates for each employee using Control Center

  • Dynamic Reporting that aggregates all employee ratings in one place

  • One data source that automatically rolls up for rating scores for all employees in real time, as ratings are being submitted

  • Formulas used to aggregate all rating scores based on each criterion in real time

  • Role based views using Work Apps for reviewers to provide appropriate levels of visibility to different parties


  • Improved Transparency: With the tailored views built in Work Apps, client now has one consolidated place to look at all ratings for all employees by all reviewers

  • Improved Visibility & Collaboration: Since reviewer roles are not mutually exclusive, client now has appropriate views customized to their reviewers’ roles

  • Real- time data aggregation: With formulas in place, client now has one consolidated spot that rolls up all aggregate data in real-time

  • Scalability: With the use of Control Center, during the annual planning process when goals are established the calibration template can simply be updated to reflect the new goals rather than updating each employees’ goal sheet.


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