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How Achievan saved Onsemi 600 hours by automating employee onboarding

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The image above from About Onsemi Onsemi is the leader in intelligent power and image sensing technologies that build a better future for the automotive, industrial, cloud, medical, and IoT markets. With a focus on automotive and industrial end-markets, the company is accelerating change in megatrends such as vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. With a highly differentiated and innovative product portfolio, Onsemi creates intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the world’s most complex challenges and leads the way in creating a safer, cleaner, and smarter world. Business Challenge: Onsemi recently acquired a company and as part of integrating employees into the organization they needed to send updated employment agreements and onboarding forms to 1100 employees.

They engaged Achievan, Smartsheet’s award winning Platinum partner to help automate this process.

OnSemi tasked Achievan to build a fully automated HR solution with the following requirements:

  • Send customized offer letters were to 1100 Employees that integrated job title, salary and additional customized information.

  • Once the offer was accepted, 9 personalized onboarding documents requiring signatures and employee data were required to be received.

  • Data completed by employees in the onboarding document had to be populated in a sheet for analysis and future uploading into a HRIS system.

  • In addition, the HR solution needed to include dashboards that were updated in real time,

  • All of this had to be completed within a mere 3 weeks.

To do this manually would have taken a total of 600 hours which wasn’t feasible with the tight timelines.


"I would say that I was impressed with how quickly the requirements were gathered and a working model was turned around for us. And then it was very simple in my opinion to go through the testing and validate the things that we needed on our side." Dennis Cook, Manager, Labor Compliance and Shared Services, Onsemi


The Achievan Solution: At Achievan, we triangulate people, process and tools by first seeking to understand our clients’ business process and how people interact with those business process. We then design a solution architecture to solve the business challenge.

To solve OnSemi’s unique challenge we proposed the use of Smartsheet and Docusign. Our solution included the following key features:

  • Our team loaded all document templates into Docusign

  • We then integrated Smartsheet with Docusign

  • Automations in Smartsheet were developed by our team to move employee data into docusign

  • Achievan’s team configured Docusign to auto populate employee data in appropriate places and send the documents to the employee to complete

  • Upon document completion, data that was filled by the employee was recorded in Smartsheet

  • Smartsheet was setup to record each step providing real-time status to OnSemi team so they can track the progress of each employee and follow-up as needed.

  • We developed visual dashboards to display status and other key performance metrics (KPI)

Achievan conducted extensive testing to ensure that the solution created was efficient and without any errors. Collaborative training sessions were conducted with the Onsemi team to train each team member on how to use the HR solution, access and update the dashboards.

We empowered the team by training them how to maintain and scale the solution for future use cases.


The entire process of sending and collection data from 1100 employees was completed without a glitch. Achievan team provided hands-on support as the letters were being sent out and monitored progress along with the OnSemi team.

Achievan is proud of the success of the HR solution for Onsemi and grateful for the partnership with Onsemi. Being able to create a solution that saved 600 hours of time while meeting stringent timelines and the ability for Onsemi to be able to leverage templates to be used for future projects enabling further savings is a win for both Achievan and Onsemi.


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