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How Biotech startup Noblegen improved team communication, collaboration and executive visibility

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

About Noblegen:

Noblegen is an advanced digital biology company that employs microorganisms to reshape the world’s linear food systems with efficient and affordable circular solutions. We are champions of science on a mission to reinvent our future and disrupt conventional practices to rebalance planet and life, using microbes and fermentation technology. In our first phase of commercialization, we have reinvented the world’s approach to food & agriculture. Our next phases of commercialization include biomaterials, health, energy, and space, among other industries.

Business Challenges:

  1. Noblegen is a start-up company with 3 separate locations. The team was finding that there was a bit of a gap when it came to organization and communication across the 3 different locations, and a tool was needed to fill that gap.

  2. Prior to, small things were falling through the cracks and teams were losing track of tasks. has helped to reign that in.

  3. In addition, since there was no standard way to report on work, the CEO lacked visibility across the company

The Change Event: Critical decision that started the transformation:

  • The initial change event was when the company grew and expanded into a third location. With the administration not being in the same building as the research & development side of the company, teams started to see the gaps in communication and organization.

  • The second Change Event was definitely the pandemic & the shift to working from home. Noblegen needed to change the way they did things and helped to reorganize and made sure everyone is kept on task and heading towards the same company-wide goals even when working remotely. Implementation experience:

  • Primary challange in the overall implementation of was a lack of training and understanding of the program for the average user across the company.

  • With Achievan’s help, Noblegen was able to provide the knowledge and training needed to help employees utilize to the best of their abilities which allowed them to stay on track with their individual objectives as it relates to the wider company goals.

And the results...

  • Productivity has improved

  • Internal Communication has improved

  • As a pre-revenue start-up company, Nobelgen is still in the process of establishing baselines and determining what metrics/KPIs will look like going forward but has helped us to start establishing those baselines.


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