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Allow determining individual capacity for teams

As part of our continuing work on the workload widget, another feature that we are releasing is the ability to set up capacity also for teams and to split it equally between their members if the user chooses to.

What was the case till now?

Until now, the users could set up capacity only for person resource.

Therefore, when an item was assigned to a team - the team got the default capacity and the users couldn't calculate the workload base on the team truly capacity.

What have we done?

We added all the assigned teams that were displayed in the workload to the capacity modal and allowed taking their specific capacity into consideration.

And now, the user can see and manage the teams' capacity:

So how is it going to work?

1. Capacity definition - There will be 2 options to setting up the capacity at the team's level:

a. Set up a default for a person, as currently done, and then the capacity for the team will be a multiplication of this default by the number of team members.

For example, if the default is 40 hours per week per person, then a team of 2 will have 80 hours per week.

The default per person shall be generic for all teams, i.e. there won't be an option to set up a default per person per team.

b. Customize the capacity per resource - in this case, the user will be able to set a value per person and a different value per team

2. Capacity calculation - Split of effort will be done in a unified way among the team, i.e. there won't be an option to say that one person will have 40% of the effort and the rest will be split evenly for example.

If there is a capacity definition for a person who is also part of the team, the individual capacity for the person will be the one that will be taken under account.

For example, if a person is part of a 2 member team with a 50 hours capacity, then this person has 25 hours in capacity. But if there is also a specific definition that this person has 30 hours in capacity, then 30 will be used in the workload calculation. There won't be an impact on the rest of the team members in this case, i.e. they will still have a 25 hours capacity.

3. Workload widget view - In case there was a capacity definition for an individual person and for a team which the person is part of it, then:

a. If the 'Split team's effort between members' is turned off, then the workload for the individual and for the team will be calculated separately based on the team/person's capacity.

b. If the feature is turned on, then we will show individual people only, taking the capacity as defined in the 2nd bullet

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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