top of page New Features - Week of December 12, 2022

1. Search Application workflow block in the automation builder

It is now possible to find workflow blocks (Triggers ⚡ & Actions 🏃) by searching the application name in the automation builder.

For example if you search for 'general caster' you can see all the options for this app.



2. Docs Column

The Problem / Opportunity 🎯

Users would like to have the option to add description to their board items, and to edit it collaboratively.

Currently their options are:

  • Adding a file column and uploading file \ adding monday doc \ adding document of alternative solutions (eg. google doc) - requires multiple steps and potentially using external tools

  • Posting an update with the relevant information - not collaborative enough

  • Adding 'long text' column - perceived as a static summary of an item , hard to read

We identified an opportunity to encourage users to manage their item-level text using monday Doc, and improve their collaboration around item description.

Solution 🧩

We added a new column type called "Doc column", which allows quickly adding a monday doc to board item. Instead of adding a file column and attaching\creating monday doc in it (or attaching external file, such as google doc) - you can create a new monday Doc in 1 click and add the relevant content.

Doc column can be used for any use case in which users would like to add description\ notes\ rich text next to an item and view it within the context of their boards.

To add new doc column:

  1. Click on the '+' icon to add new column

  2. Select 'More columns' to open the column store

3. Select 'monday Doc' from the essentials category

4. For each item that you'd like to add Doc - click on the monday Doc icon to create new doc

3. Docs can be shared publicly

Today, users can generate a public link to publicly share their boards on the web, but cannot do the same for workdocs.

Publicly sharing Docs is one of the top requested features. Either for sharing work procedures and content with people outside the organization or even publish your docs on a website - sharing Docs publicly is a great opportunity to improve collaboration and showcase workdocs.

Now you can easily share your beautiful docs with anyone in the world using a public url 🤩

How to get a public link:

  • Click on 'Share' button in your doc

  • In the share modal, turn on public sharing and get a unique url

  • The public doc is a view only version only, and will be updated every 30 minutes with the updated content from the original doc

  • Having doubts? you can stop the sharing anytime and the link won't be reachable anymore

  • Want to share it again but your'e not sure who has this link already? You can regenerate a new link instead!

Note: This feature is for doc owners in paying accounts

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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