top of page New Features - Week of December 5th 2022

1. Improved update source indication

Previously, if a form with an update was submitted by someone (who's not necessarily part of the account), there was no indication for that in the updates section of the new item.

So we added a new indication for updates that were created through forms.

In addition, we improved the look of the all update indications to be aligned to each other.



2. You can now disconnect Github integration organization directly from

Until now - to uninstall the app you had to go to Github and search your organization then your app and then to uninstall .

From now - without entering the GitHub website, users can see all the organizations that are connected, and uninstall their App from the GitHub organization via monday.

With a simple click on the delete button the app will disconnect from Github

Who has permission to delete?

- the user who install the connection.

- user who is admin in monday.

3. Holiday animations are back, with two new ones!!

That time of the year is back again (so soon!) and we are bringing back the holiday animation for the done status (along with two new ones for the homepage and leftpane)

A few notes:

  • Manual feature removal: If a user wants to turn this off for some reason, we can do this internally.

  • In order to ensure inclusiveness, please use the word “holiday” to describe the feature and not Christmas, etc.

  • We are aware that the leftpane animation may be distracting, so we added a close option on the top right corner that appears on hover.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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