top of page New Features - Week of January 23rd, 2023

1. New trash/archive user experience

We have created a new trash/archive user experience. A lot of the support tickets that were coming in related to Account Organization were surrounding the Trash/Archive experience.

Instead of having 2 different repositories of Trash and Archive (one for board and one for account), we will now have only one. They are still accessible from the same places as before.

Instead of having 2 different screens for Trash and Archive, we have both features in the same screen!

We also added a few filters and made an easy search.

2. More support for number inputting

2.505 - How would you read this number? More than 20% of our users would say: two thousand five hundred and five.

Supporting regional preferences has an important part in Monday efforts expanding globally.

We had a logic that was overriding the browser configuration on number inputting, that prevented users on parsing numbers in the way they are used to based on their preferences:

Although monday supports different languages, date formatting and time formatting- for the time being, up until now monday did not support number formatting.

In EU countries, specifically in the DACH region, people are writing the values of thousands with "." instead of "," so instead of 1,000 USD for example they would write 1.000 USD. This leads to a potential "data discrepancies" as user is parsing numbers in different formats.

From now on, the browser will take the PC localization configuration for the numbers column and will not override it's logic:

As we can above, users will now be able to use "," to indicate fraction. As of today, we supported only ".".

For the time being, we will not support Formula column, but we will add an indication:

3. Support for drag & drop when sort is active in group by:

The ability to drag while sorting has been fixed as part of our efforts to make the group-by feature more reliable. The drag behavior will be the same while sorting with or without group-by.

4. Deactivated automations email

Sometimes automations can be auto-disabled by monday (if a Gmail token is revoked, or if a column affected by the automation is deleted etc). Currently we are sending the automation owner a notification, but we saw a lot of users aren't seeing the notification and adjusting their automation.

Solution: Send an email with the disabled automation details to the automation owner, with a link to fix the automation.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future! 👉Start your free trial with us today:

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