top of page New Features - Week of January 9, 2023

1. New products switcher

For all users with Products, sometimes they can experience difficulty understanding the meaning of the items in the Switcher- i.e. don't understand that these are Products. By improving this, we will make the navigation much easier.

The solution is to design the Products as apps as shown below:

2. Notifications pane filter

When notifications accumulate over time, users are having a hard time finding specific notifications if they can't remember the exact time when it has been sent. This prevents users from staying in control of their work assignments and communication.

Users can now filter notifications by the person who created them. This will allow users to easily access specific notifications, even if they can remember the exact time where it was sent.

3. Improving account template workflow.

We are excited to announce that we made it easier to save and customize account templates!


  1. There was some difficulty finding how to create templates from board.

  2. Not enough clarity/awareness that when you are working on a template you could affect other boards.

  3. Confusion about how to edit template, and where to make changes.


To address these issues, we have made several updates to the UI and improved the discoverability and usability of account templates:

  1. We added the "save as template" option to the item menu for easier access:

2. We added a new template banner to clearly indicate when a board is a template:

3. We have also added an edit template button in the template center, allowing users to easily navigate to the relevant board making it easy to understand where editing takes place.

In addition to the three major features, we also focused on updating confirmation toasts, icons, tooltips and addressing closed workspace cases.


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