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1. The Security Badge - by Apps Marketplace:

Up until this point, your data flows to the third party and from that point, there is no certainty in knowing: “is our data safe?” All of the strict security measures, the massive efforts of highly skilled security specialists, and then the workflow can get compromised by a third party app.

Our customers' comfort is of utmost importance and thus, our joint effort at Apps Marketplace gave birth to the first iteration of the Security Badge.

As of now around 20 apps can proudly show off their security practices and display a delightful shield alongside their app name. A detailed breakdown of what that means for every relevant app is presented in the Security & Compliance tab on the marketplace app page.

What is the impact?

  • For Customers: Being aware of the app's security allows for better decision making during the installation process and establishes higher trust in the third-parties.

  • For Developers: Visual cue makes the compliant apps more attractive - your app can stand out in a very good way, especially to clients with sensitive data.

  • For More attractive apps, increased trust and more security make our marketplace a better place in general, which of course is another step for our growth.

Things to note

  • We take no liability for the provided security information, nor do we perform an audit. It's up to the app developer to provide us with valid information. We do, however, have the provided info examined by the app review and security team.

2. Kanban Performance Improvements

  • We made improvements to Kanban's Drag & Drop, previously when a user dragged a list, the user had to release it exactly on top of another list, otherwise the swap didn't happen.

We've improved the flow and now as long as the desired swap list was hovered with the mouse, the swap will occur. (doesn't matter what is the current position of the mouse)

Plus, we've added an indication of low opacity to the current kanban list to perform the swap with.

  • Divide by group feature using virtualize list of groups -

In the past when users selected the Divide by group checkbox, the whole board's groups were rendered at once which affected large boards and made the kanban load slowly + usability-wise it wasn’t the most efficient experience.

Now we render the groups with a virtualized list which reduces the load time drastically and makes a super smoother scroll.

3. Customized email address for email to board (Gradual Release)

Since we launched the new email format with the secured token, we didn’t allow for email address customization, but now you can do both! 💃

We are still working on making the custom address more secured but we still wanted clients to be able to use this address if they need to.

Click on board settings --> create items via email, you can find in addition to the secured address, the customized address as well!

The new custom email can only be used by account users. It recognizes the user by its email address (compared to the secured address that already contains the token of the specific user)

What every role can do:

* Admin - can customize each board address

* Subscribers to the board - can view and copy the customized addresses

* Board owner - can ask admin to open the feature.

When a request is made, it sends a notification to the admins of the account and they can click on it to get to the admin features page and open the custom email feature.

Once the admin approves it - it means that each board owner can customize their own board address (specifically in monday it is already allowed)

*This is in gradual release and will continue to be released to everyone in the next weeks*

4. WorkForms shortened link (Gradual Release)

Meet the new shorten URL of the forms: 🥳 Users can now shorten the long form URL from 70 chars to only 22 chars! *We're gradually releasing it to all Workforms users, and soon will limit the usage to Workforms paying tiers only (premium feature). Therefore, the feature won't be available in the platform's forms.* How does it look? Under "Publish" tab, beneath the URL there's a checkbox "Shorten URL". Checking it generates a shorten url to be used when copying the link or sharing via social options:

How does it technically work? 🤓 Behind the scene we are using service for shortening the original form links. Those who use the short link will be redirected to the original URL.

We believe that this feature can help with branding Workforms as a stand alone product by not having monday as part of the URL

Go shortening!

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