top of page New Features - Week of July 3rd, 2023

1. Transfer automations before disabling the users :

Admins can now transfer automation ownership of a user before disabling them in the platform. Users will be prompted to transfer ownership to another user so that the workflows remain intact. Automations are conveniently handed over in 2 clicks

2. New Workforms question format:

We are introducing a new 1:1 questions format in Workforms . The upgraded structure enables the submitter to view the questions individually, or one at a time, providing a more intuitive submission experience. No need to scroll and navigate between different questions - a benefit we see relevant for feedback surveys, contact sales forms, registrations, and more!

3. monday dev: Additional divide-by options in Kanban:

Our users can now divide by additional options when utilizing the Kanban feature! We decided to expand this option to other column types, as such, you can now divide by ‘status’ and ‘connected boards’ (in the case of a single value only). You can also see the sprint header in the table view for our sprint users!

4. monday CRM: New CRM mobile item page:

We know that the mobile CRM product is crucial for on-the-go quick updates and tracking. That’s why we’ve invested some time in upgrading the item page to simplify the experience when accessing item information. The new item page is easy to navigate and much more accessible and straightforward!

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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