top of page New Features - Week of March 13, 2023

1. docs + apps - new doc plugins for developers

External developers can now develop and publish applications for Docs. This will enable richer functionality and an improved user experience.

Applications can be used to enhance the editor and doc experience, and also to leverage the doc building block for creating more complex or automated workflows.

Developers will be able to extend docs by adding new app features:

  • Doc block - Allow developers to create new doc blocks (i.e. "/brainstorm")

  • Doc button - Allow developers to add new actions on specific blocks/entire doc (i.e export to PDF, translate, etc.)

Example: New doc block ("/brainstorm"):

Example: New doc button ("translate app"):

2. docs API - for developers

Until now, Docs had no public API, which means external developers and customers weren't able to get or edit doc content using API. In addition, there is no option to use docs in automations.

Using API for docs can allow getting the doc content for uses in external tools, as well as updating doc content from external sources.

As part of the joined effort with apps framework team, we have now created the first endpoints that are available as part of monday's public API.

Now, using the API, users will have the option to:

  • Get doc content

  • Add doc content (to existing doc)

  • Edit doc content

3. New 'no action' mode for dependencies

Users are not sure how they can set up dependency relations, without having dates automatically shift. They may want the dependencies as a visual aid only, or to have the status change when it’s ready to start, but not to have the dates affected.

There was a regression as part of the new dependency infra, that users were unable to do batch changes to date/timeline if they have dependency column linked to it

So now, we’ve added a 'no action' mode to the dependency mode options. Both challenges listed above will be addressed by providing users an intuitive way of not having dates shift automatically and once in 'no action' dependency mode, users will be able to do batch changes to the timeline/date column.

When user clicks on 'no action', the 'choose column for item dependencies' will be disabled

4. Dashboards - Connect board dialog

Connect Boards dialog - Added option that enables the user to choose whether to connect newly added boards to all existing widgets

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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