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1. Create doc on item:

Admins now have the ability to give board members permission to add or create docs within items, regardless of their membership in the workspace where the item is located.

Before this new capability, board members who were not also members of the workspace couldn't create or add docs on item level. Users want to allow board members to add docs in specific boards (docs on item level), regardless of their workspace permissions.

The permission will be available on both account and workspace level, so admins can choose to enable it for all board members or just for specific workspaces.

2. Ability to hide a file/doc column

You now have the ability to hide a file/doc column. The motivation behind this feature is to provide customers with the ability to include sensitive documentation on their board while ensuring that only authorized people can access it.



3. App ratings and reviews: information to developers

Users are requesting the ability to understand which app in the marketplace is more recommended by others, by getting visibility about other users' rating and reviews. In parallel, external app developers in the marketplace, want to get users' instant feedback by accessing this info.

The solution: Adding users' app rating and reviews to the developer section

*At the moment only marketplace apps built by external developers can be rated

**Exposing rating and reviews to users in the marketplace is the next phase which will be release by the of Q2!

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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