top of page New Features - Week of March 6, 2023

1. New Kanban layout for dev

We’re excited to announce a new Kanban layout for monday dev.

Old Kanban:

New Kanban:

2. Accessibility: Keyboard navigation

It is difficult for users who use key board navigation to reach different main contents of the page as well as the workspaces dropdown. The solution was to create a component that enables users to reach a selection component.

3. Edit custom automations

Currently, after creating a custom automations users can't edit the automation blocks (add a condition, action etc), only their configurations (for ex - change the group to move the item to). Now, we will allow users to open the automation builder and edit their existing automations

4. New cross-board dashboards onboarding flow

Getting started with dashboards can be challenging. From connecting boards, to adding widgets, it can be a long process to finish the activation flow.

Now, we created a new onboarding flow:

Users can see the dashboard with an explanatory empty state and with a couple tip pop-ups.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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