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1. Progress bar changes

When releasing MondayDB, and passing most of our calculations to the server rather than the client- some features won't work the same way as they used to before.

One of them is the progress bar. Progress bar is being used in 3% of our active boards (loaded in last 30 days). As of today, the progress bar behavior is being updated automatically each time a status column is being added:

Besides not being supported on MondayDB, our hypothesis is that status columns are not often being used for describing an actual status, which creates unclarity around the progress bar calculation which being updated automatically.

As a solution, we changed the behavior:

  1. If a new progress bar is created and status columns already exist- it will take all status that already exist into consideration.

  2. If a user wants to create a progress column with no active status column (really rare cases, we haven't seen an indication for that) - user will see "0" within the progress bar.

  3. In any case- we will not update the progress column automatically as we assume that most status columns are not used to describe an actual status. The checkbox will be replaced by a button, see below.



In progress columns which were not updated ever, there will be an indication that the user will need to reconfigure their columns:

This is also an opportunity as our hypothesis takes into consideration that users which haven't updated their settings are not aware of the progress bar calculation (estimation: 53% of the users using progress column today)

2. Export Gantt to pdf

Users exporting the gantt via 'export to pdf' on the board level or dashboard level can only see the part of the gantt shown on the screen- not the whole gantt.

'Export pdf' functionality is now added on the Gantt widget level 💫 (in addition to existing export pdf functionality that exists from board menu/dashboard menu)

When Gantt widget is exported, this will show the full width / length of the gantt

In Settings:

Example export will look like this:


What about the board/dashboard pdf export? The board view export will behave same as previously, providing snapshot of widgets only. For full picture of Gantt, users can use Gantt export.

Can I collapse the left hand pane? you can and it won't show in the export :)

3. Teams content list

Users don't have a way to know which teams are used in the platform and why.

As a result, adding users to a team might give them access to the wrong content.

In the teams page we will show for each team which content they are assigned to:

4. Multi-select options for the Trash/Archive

Users now have the option to restore items from the Trash/Archive with multi-select.

Until now, they had to restore items one by one, and now they can speed up this process by multi-selecting with the mouse or by using shift/command/ctrl shortcut.

This will help increase velocity and efficiency and solves the pain point of repetitive work by selecting one-by-one items users wish to restore

🗺 How to Find the Feature:

On your monday board → 3-dot on the top right → view Trash or Archive → multi-select items you wish to restore

Profile icon → click on Trash or Archive → multi-select items you wish to restore

5. Workload widget - color by

When displaying the tasks in the workload widgets, items are automatically colored based on their project board. Users would like to control the coloring logic, so they could receive some visual indications to help them make decisions- same as we allow them to do in gantt (for example: color the items by status, so they could easily understand if the task already started).

Now, users can define coloring logic based on a selected field 💙💚💛💖❤- same functionality as already supported in gantt. To set item coloring logic:

  1. Open the workload widget settings

  2. In the 'color by' section - select the column that you'd like to use for coloring the items

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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