top of page New Features - Week of May 8th, 2023

1. Conditions/filters in Jira

There are now added conditions in the Jira automations recipe with 3 configurations:

  1. Column / field

  2. Logic / conditions

  3. Value

These conditions were added because:

-conditions in static integrations are limited

-conditions are the top requested capability in Jira beta

-Jira integration beta shows great potential in adoption

-this causes a compounding effect for all relevant future sync integrations



2. Show full content of automations notifications

When a notification has a long text, the text is cut when sent to the user. Since this notification is only presented in the notification pane, the user can not read it anywhere.

Solution 🧩

Adding a "read more" option to long automation notifications

A closed notification looks like this:

An open notification looks like this:

3. Free Text Search in the notifications

When notifications accumulate over time, users are having a hard time finding specific notifications if they can't remember the exact time when it has been sent. This prevents users from staying in control of their work assignments and communication.

User can now search notifications using free text😮❗. This will allow users to easily access specific notifications, even if they can remember the exact time where it was sent.

The search will include text and context (board name, item name, action).

Users can search notifications 6 months back.

4. New packaged doc columns - creative brief, meeting notes

As part of the doc column feature research, we identified multiple common cases where doc column can be used for specific use case, with dedicated templates.

Yet "doc column" is relatively abstract, and users don't necessarily connect this term with their need of adding rich content about an item in the board.

Packaging the column for common use cases will enable users to easily add doc column that is already suitable to their needs, and customizable as needed.

The new infrastructure for packaging doc column includes:

  • Name (based on the use case)

  • Template

  • Description, as will be shown on the column store.

At the first phase, we will release 2 packaged columns, for the most common cases (templates) that were in use on item level: creative brief & meeting notes

Later on, we will be able to create more columns for common use cases, based on cluster specific needs, and more 😎

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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