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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

1. Workforms - new results summary view

Introducing the NEW results summary view of Workforms!

Until today, the results tab in Workforms showed the form responses as a board. But no more.

Workforms now enables the users to view the form results using pie and bar charts and paginated and sortable tables for open text questions.

We are currently supporting the following question types: - Short text - Long text - Numeric - True / False - Rating - Status Each question type is mapped to a specific chart according to the possible answers.

2. Allow undo of ‘move pulses’ performed by another user

You can now undo an action of moving pulses that was done by another user ↩️ 👩‍🦰


Up until now, it wasn’t possible to undo "move pulses" that was done by anyone other than you. Pressing on "undo" in the activity log for an action that was done by another user (or by an automation that was created by another user) would result with an unclear error.



No more! From now on, you will be able to undo any move pulses action (as long as you have permission) 🎉

3. Workload Widget: Showing workload in %s as well, both items and subitems in widget

Showing workload in percentages:

We have added an option to present the workload rate as a percentage.

From now on, the users will be able to choose their own desirable way to present the workload rate - as a number of tasks or as a percentage.

With that the users will be able to get a clearer understanding of their teammates’ workload and efforts.

The new settings section:

A short demo:

Present both items and subitems in the workload widget at the same time

As part of our continuing work on the workload widget, one of our goals for Q4 was to add an option to present both items and sub-items at the same time.

What was the case until now?

Until now, the users had to choose whether to present their workload calculated by board's items or by the sub-items.

Therefore they couldn't see the total workload of all the items that were assigned to each of their team-members.

What’s changed?

We removed the toggle buttons and the existing filter that determine whether to present items/sub-items.

Instead we added a dropdown for both parent board and sub-items board and updated the relevant grouping logic respectively.

And now, the user can see them both:

* This option is available in dashboard/multi boards view too

4. Kanban got improved with a super highly requested feature! 🔥🔥

As part of the kanban view revamp and improvements, we've added a super highly requested feature - The actions menu 🚀

Each card will contain an action menu with the following capabilities:

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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