top of page New Features - Week of November 21, 2022

1. GitHub integration multiple-organization support 🚀

We have added the ability to connect multiple GitHub organizations to one account. Many clients have requested this feature, and it also solves the issue that clients do not know which account they are connected to! 🔥

The issue : Our clients with more than one GitHub organization cannot connect more than one organization to their monday account. Also, we get a lot of requests to find which organization is currently integrated with GitHub. What did we do? We have added the new credentials fieldType to each recipe, allowing you to select or add (and delete in the near future) the GitHub organization you want to work with.

This feature will also reduce the time between clicking a recipe and the client being able to use it. Previously, the integration used the authorization URL, requiring a page reload after clicking a recipe. Due to the connection fieldType, the recipe is now opened instantly 🔥

💡 It is important to note that recipes that have already been created in the integration will work as before. When editing an old recipe, the user will be converted to the new version with multi-organization support

2. The docs store is now open! 🤑

Open a monday Docs and explore all the blocks available in our new store! It's easy and organized by categories. This way you won't miss out on anything.


We found out that many of our users aren't aware of all the features that Docs can provide them such as adding a board directly from the doc, embedding miro, whiteboards tables and more.


In order to expose all the abilities of the doc we decided to create the "block store".

The block store supports textual search by keywords to allow users to find and learn easily about all the features.

The block store contains some inline templates for popular use cases and exposes capabilities that were hard to find before.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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