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1. Adding weekdays support in date column

Many accounts are using the "hide weekends" configurations in Admin to exclude weekends when planning their projects and task's timeline durations.

Dependencies calculations are also taking this configuration into account when calculating timeline changes between dependencies.

So far the weekends were excluded only in timeline column picker.

From now on, the date column will take that configuration into account as well. Same as for the timeline column - if the "hide weekends" is turned on (Account level) - weekends will be grayed out.

This will align our experience with both timerange pickers (date and timeline) and the dependency behavior on those columns when the setting is on.

2. Board owners will now be able to clean connections to deleted item

Board owners will now be able to clean connections to deleted items or items which belongs to deleted entities from their connect-boards columns!

One of the goals for Q3&Q4 for the product team was to solve the high friction around connecting board columns holding relations of deleted items.

We recently released a forward-facing solution to this issue, to stop the option to create new connections to deleted data.

But wait - what about existing data? This new feature is the 1st step in solving this issue entirely - We will now offer board owners the option to clean up their boards and disconnect deleted/archived data with a click of a button.

Goal: allow board owners to clean up item's relations to deleted/archived per column.


For Connect-Boards & Mirror columns containing deleted/archived data, we will present board owners with a red highlighted "i" indicating a needed action. Within the "i" dialog board, owners can clean up the deleted/archived connections if they wish to do so. The clean-up operation also supports restoring items and restoring relations as well.

Ultimate goal - 0 relations to deleted/archived items in the platform.

Since this is an action that entails data deletion, we are moving in steps - as we detailed above, we first offer board owners will have the option to remove these relations easily on their own and monitor responses.

Our final step will be to perform a general disconnection of relations to deleted/archived data, done automatically by Monday (post notification to the board owners using the dialog box described above)

3. Subitem filtering in boards & dashboards

The long-awaited subitem filtering in boards and dashboards is finally here and released to all!

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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