top of page New Features - Week of September 19, 2022

1. Deleting/Archiving items, groups, and boards will now automatically remove its connect boards relations

Deleting a board

🔦 Up until now 🔦

  • Deleting a board/group/items that has connect boards relations, wouldn't do anything to its connect boards relations in the platform. Users could only solve this by manually removing them

  • This is not the expected behavior by users, that by deleting/archiving this data stated it's irrelevant for showing. Users are also finding it hard to manage manually

  • This can result in mirror showing incorrect data causing the platform to become unworkable & not trusted

✅ From now on ✅

  • Deleting a board will automatically remove its relations

  • In case the board is connected by other board/s the user will have a confirmation dialog indicating the relations will be disconnected.

  • Undo or restore from Recycle bin and Archive will restore the connections.