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1. Deleting/Archiving items, groups, and boards will now automatically remove its connect boards relations

Deleting a board

🔦 Up until now 🔦

  • Deleting a board/group/items that has connect boards relations, wouldn't do anything to its connect boards relations in the platform. Users could only solve this by manually removing them

  • This is not the expected behavior by users, that by deleting/archiving this data stated it's irrelevant for showing. Users are also finding it hard to manage manually

  • This can result in mirror showing incorrect data causing the platform to become unworkable & not trusted

✅ From now on ✅

  • Deleting a board will automatically remove its relations

  • In case the board is connected by other board/s the user will have a confirmation dialog indicating the relations will be disconnected.

  • Undo or restore from Recycle bin and Archive will restore the connections.

In the GIF above we can see "Deals" board connected to "Contacts" board, once the "Contacts" board is deleted we can see the "contacts" column values in the "Deals" board are removed.

Deleting/Archiving items and groups

🔦 Up until now 🔦

  • Same challenges as listed above

✅ From now on ✅

Now, with the new linkage infrastructure fully released, we can finally put this issue behind us!

⏩ ACTION - Deleting items or groups will now automatically remove its relations

  1. Info provided: a.) In case we identify that other boards are connected, meaning there's a chance the item/s that are about to be deleted/archived are connected to other boards - user will see a linkage specific addition to the confirmation dialog, notifying them of a possible removal of connections b.) The dialog will also show information of the boards that are connected, for reference & context

  2. Quick Undo or restore from Recycle bin and Archive will restore the connections.

2. Workforms custom CTA text button

A new feature in Workforms:

The ability to customize the "Submit" button with a custom text

3. New automation duplication mechanism

We are building a new Automation Duplication mechanism! 👯‍♀️

New features include:

  • Keeping an integration connection if the duplicating user is the integration creator

  • Keeping a custom automation connection if the duplicating user is the automation creator, this will be supported only on the new connections infra (a separate feature which is not released yet)

  • Duplication is now done async on automations microservice - each automation is duplicated independently. This means that a single automation duplication failure won’t fail or delay the whole duplication

  • Much better logging & tracking for the duplication process

  • Bug fixes

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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