top of page new mobile features - week of August 8th, 2022

There are so many exciting new mobile features so we decided to create a special edition: the new mobile features!

1. CRM Product Update: Mobile CRM experience is live!

Mobile CRM goes Live!

The time has finally arrived and we have released CRM on mobile to all of our users that have the CRM product 🎉.

This includes all of our main entities Contacts/Leads/Accounts/Deals and our long-awaited feature on mobile, E&A, AKA email & activities app.

Why we are doing this?

Email and activities is one of our core functionality in crm. And clients have been wanting this on mobile for a while.

In addition, we thought that the CRM experience on mobile can be much better. Just think of the user who just wants to call one of their leads and to do so needs to go in a board scroll to the phone column and select call action - now it's just one click and in an organized more native look users list. We're only getting started and there are a lot of mobile native capabilities that can benefit our CRM users.

Release schedule

Our next mobile versions - iOS v4.60 && Android v 4.92.0 have been released on 7.8 in a gradual rollout. The feature will be available for all the users that buy the CRM solution (gradual rollout is expected to end at 14.8).

2. iOS | Edit updates & Replies

In version 4.60 we introduce the long-awaited update editing feature. You can now edit any of your updates created on mobile.

We also added a feature awareness tip to educate the users about the new capability. You’ll see the tip next time you create a new update or reply.

Update editing will be available to all users in the upcoming version - v4.60 which is available now.

3. Android | Location column; use my current location

Platform: Android 🍎

Feature: We've added the ability to set the current location in the location column

In order to make it easier for users to add their current location, we have added a button that simply pulls the user's current location from the device and adds it to the table.

With this change, users will be able to easily add the current location without having to enter it manually.

We think this change will increase the number of column value changes in the Location Column and reduce the use of manually adding places.

In addition, not all locations have specific addresses, and so now we allow our users the freedom of adding their location without having to type down a specific address., that might not exist at all

→ Please note that this has already been released for iOS

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