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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

1. monday Dev: Sprint complete modal

Sprint management completion modal is here 🚀

Tired of dragging items after the sprint is over? We got you covered.

Last week, we released the complete sprint modal to automate the movement of undone tasks

The issue : Until now, clients who completed their sprint had to manually move their tasks to another sprint/backlog, causing them to lose track of some tasks and forget about others. What did we do? After completing a sprint, a new sprint modal appears. Clients have two options in the modal

  • move their undone tasks to another sprint or backlog

  • keep the undone tasks under the current sprint.

💡 The modal will only appear if there is at least one undone task, and at least one incomplete sprint.

2. monday Dev: Burndown chart

The Burndown chart just got enhanced with an internal activity log!

Users can now easily understand the sprint's progression and track changes of its tasks!

By clicking on each point in the chart, the sprint's activity log will scroll and display the relevant change in a sprint's task.

Unlike our current board/item activity log, this one is composed of a different type of events -

Each activity log item will be described by the event title, the person who made the change, the item name and its date.

3. monday Dev: Github one-way sync recipes

GitHub issues data will no longer need to be manually updated on your board 🔥

GitHub one-way sync was released to sync monday boards with issues data.

In the past, clients manually updated their boards with GitHub issues data or used multiple recipes to do so. What did we do?

We created two recipes that update the item related to the GitHub issue with every change in the issue.

What's next?

  • Create two way-sync between ( to GitHub ) Github and monday

  • The new functionality will result in fewer Gihtub integration recipes in the future

4. monday CRM: Qualified Leads

We updated the “qualified lead” flow on the CRM ENT product Leads board to only include 1 label !! You can watch here a short video showing the exact flow, and what you need to do if you want to change it to your existing customers.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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