top of page Special Weekly Feature Update: CRM Updates

1. We've just released the well anticipated shared templates functionality under Emails&Activities. 🎉

What does this mean?

Your high-converting emails can now be saved as a template. Not only that - they can now be shared with your team/colleagues etc! This features increases productivity, saves you time by eliminating drafting email after email - allowing you to focus on what matters most - closing deals!

Please note, this awesome feature is only available for monday sales CRM product users.

2. We've changed the CRM template in the template store for Work management to include only 2 main boards: Contacts (now My contacts) and Deals (now Deals tracker).

The template is now called Basic CRM and doesn’t resemble the monday sales CRM product anymore.

Users will be able to build their own boards to manage sales processes or they can purchase monday sales CRM product to get the full set-up boards and product-specific features.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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