top of page Special Weekly Feature Update: CRM Updates -Week of April 10th, 2023

1. Leaderboard widget

The leaderboard widget is a dashboard app that allows sales managers to closely monitor the performance of their sales reps within each of their deal stages. This feature will help sales managers stay on top of their team’s metrics and uncover bottlenecks - ultimately leading to a higher performing team and more sales.

This widget ranks the sales reps by total deal sum and average deal size, and shows their conversion rates between each stage of the funnel so they can have some extra motivation and understand where to focus their efforts if they're falling behind.

Users will be able to customize which status column represents the funnel, which labels from that column will be displayed as part of the funnel, and what the order will be.

2. ‘Never log’ in E&A for domains

Users can now block whole email domains from being logged in Emails & Activities.

3. E&A email privacy - new infra

Brand new emails privacy settings are available in the emails and activities widget including a performance boost, ability to block and view blocked emails, and ability to share email connection (for example a shared email alias called for a sales team to receive and email leads from).

Enhanced permissions allow admins to set permissions for shared email boxes where you can specific see who can "view only" and who can "read and write".

Private emails are also recorded in the E&A timeline as such

Value and benefits:

  • Share emails and activities on a person, team, or company level

  • Allows for additional security, and flexibility for your account

  • Privacy is extremely important when dealing with customer data in a CRM platform, this feature allows for additional peace of mind and control for admins

4. Mass emails - 2000 emails a day

Mass emailing is a highly requested capability in the monday sales CRM Emails and Activities widget- the one-stop shop for all the communication in CRM.

This feature allows users to deliver personalized email blasts at scale to prospects or customers.

First, filter contacts or select who you want to send the mass email to.

Once in the email, custom columns can be used to create a personalized experience for each recipient, and email templates & tracking are available for maximum efficiency.

Up to 2000 emails can be sent daily (and the limits of the user's Outlook or Gmail accounts apply).

This feature is being gradually released, and should be fully released within the next month.

5. Gradual boards

Now you can customize pre-defined entity boards and columns!

This feature is being gradually released, and should be fully released within the next month.

6. Robust email privacy in E&A

At the moment, one of the CRM biggest challenges is that users want to share their internal email communication only with specific people and teams.

The current permissions behavior is to allow "everyone" or "only me" which creates a lot of frustration and confusion.

Now we have new privacy settings that will be available to all E&A users both in product and Work Management.

This feature is being gradually released, and should be fully released within the next month.

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