top of page Special Weekly Feature Update: CRM Updates -Week of January 9th, 2023

1. Funnel Widget

Calculating CVR rates of any kinds is almost impossible by using the current capabilities of CRM and monday, so we've created a funnel widget that "reads" Status column transitions from the activity log. We read the current state of the chosen status column in the board, then we fuse the data and visualize the results as Funnel.

2. Automatic phone call capture - CRM mobile

Our first native mobile CRM feature 🔥

In our latest mobile releases iOS & Android we've added the ability to automatically capture phone call and add it to the user's "Email and activity" timeline.

We believe in enabling the user easy data entry after a phone call with a prospect. So we think customers would really appreciate this feature.

The mobile experience is still in its first steps but we plan on adding additional native mobile features.

3. Share email connection in email and activities

Currently, users are unable to share general (shared) email inboxes like with other users - this is a crucial feature for sales reps and managers One of our biggest request we get is to share email addresses with multiple users.

We are introducing various permissions which would allow users in the account use connected emails

*This is in gradual release and will be fully released to all CRM users by end of month.

4. Robust email privacy in email & activities

At the moment, one of the CRM’s biggest issues is that users want to share their internal email communication only with specific people and teams.

The current permissions behavior is to allow to "everyone" or "only me" which created a lot of frustration and confusion.

Now, new privacy settings will be available to all users both in product and WM

*This is in gradual release and will be fully released to all users by end of month.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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