top of page Special Weekly Feature Update: Mobile & iPad

1. Dashboard 360 view: iOS & Android

iOS & Android:

Dashboard board views, up until now, we’re not supported on mobile. When a user tried to open a dashboard view they see a "not supported" screen. These views are the second top clicked views (after table view).

Adding the dashboard view will allow users to view their dashboard views from mobile in a hosted web page (similar to dashboards (from multiple boards) which are supported.

2. Board views from mobile - delete & rename: Android

Up until now, users can create board views on mobile but couldn't rename or delete them, creating an incomplete experience.

Now that’s changed! The feature allows users to rename or delete a board view from Android:

3. iPad: Basic user management

As we see more admin usage on iPad and growing requests, we're adding basic user management abilities on iPad:

  • Change user status between activate / deactivate

  • Delete user

  • Change user type between admin / member / viewer

  • Resend invitation

  • Cancel invitation

4. iPad: Batch actions

We now support batch actions on iPad - Duplicate (with or without updates), move to group, move to board and delete.

5. iPad: Edit name from the board with a trackpad

You can now edit an item from any board with your iPad trackpad:


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