top of page Special Weekly Feature Update: Mobile & iPad Updates

1. Quick Search is now available on iPad 🔥

44% of monday users on iPad use it with an external keyboard. We are working hard to provide them with full keyboard and trackpad support. Lately our iPad app introduced full keyboard navigation on the left sidebar and on the board.

Quick tip: if you want to know what keyboard shortcuts are available on a specific screen, just long press on the `command` key.

2. Android & iOS: connected boards column/link to item

In version 4.92.0 in Android and in 4.54.0 in iOS we updated the link to item column fully supports connecting items and linking boards 🎉



Next steps:

-Add new "link to item" column to board from mobile

-Add and modify mirror column connected to "link to item" column

3. New My Work Experience in Mobile

In version 4.93 on Android and version 4.62 on iOS, we created a whole new My Work experience. We redesigned the page's section navigation to allow better user understanding and navigation between items.


We introduced a new list view mode:


The experience includes a new onboarding walkthrough:

We hope that the change in the UI will give users a more pleasant experience that will be clearer to the users than the previous My Work experience and will drive more engagement and retention with the feature.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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