top of page Special Weekly Feature Update: Mobile - Week of June 12th

1. Android + iOS: What's New Widget

Our Home page is viewed by 89% of our Mobile users and is the main entry point for the mobile app (apart from push notifications and widgets). The main challenge is that the home page of the app is mostly static. There's no additional motivation for users to return to the home page.

Therefore, we added a new “What’s New” widget, in order to provide a more dynamic experience that will enable us to create a habit loop of returning to the home page/app.

Some of the activities that will appear in the “What’s New” widget:

  • Recent Activity in boards

  • Personal Mentions and assignments

  • Aggregated replies and likes

  • Trending posts in the account

2. Android: add board to specific workspace

You can now add a board to a specific workspace!

3. iOS: My work list view

Users find it challenging to understand the My Work cards view which is different than the board view they are used to, some of them don't need the additional item content presented in the mini-card, and need the ability to overview their list of tasks in a more compact way showing more items on the screen

So now we have create a new List view mode showing My Work items as a list.

And we introduced a new toggle to switch between 2 types of views: the "old" cards view and the new list view

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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