top of page Special Workdocs update and a new video!

1. Quick Starters on empty docs:

Using Docs for meeting notes? to-do lists? planning or briefs? We have a surprise for you 💛

The reason behind it? To put it simply: increase our user's retention.

All users who add content after creating a new doc, their retention is 60% (even if we're talking about typing a single letter). Which is huge! BUT 40% of users don't create content after adding a new Doc and the retention of this group is only 25%.

This new empty doc experience aims to educate users when they encounter a new empty doc on the value they can get from Docs and to encourage them to write content. If this new experience works, we expect the retention rate to increase considerably.

So.... We're excited to introduce monday Docs Quick Starters. Not only will these help achieve our goal mentioned above, but it will also make your lives easier when creating new docs. We want you to focus on your content, and stop wasting time setting up your docs over and over again.