top of page New Features - Week of August 12, 2022

1. Dashboards now support third level mirror

What is a third-level mirror?

Third level mirror is a mirror column that points to a mirror column #inception

Up to this point, dashboards have supported only mirror columns that pointed to a non-mirror column.

Users had no indication of this limitation so they would see empty/partial data in their widgets.

We are happy to announce that we finally support this feature which will enable thousands of client use-cases!! 🎈🎉🕺

2. Control what roles can delete and move items (highly requested permission)

Delete/Move Items Permissions New highly requested permissions by customers, to allow an account the control over what roles can delete and move items.

The permissions are under a new permissions category called "Items" and can be configured for the Account or for a Workspace.

These are very needed permissions that allow easy control to decide who will be able to delete/move items/groups.

Up until now you could control items delete per board, and it was a setting of board permissions that disabled multiple features all at once, now with the new permissions you can have pin-point control over delete/move.

Permissions configuration:

How it looks:

3. New active workflows page view

New Active Workflows page view

A new Active Workflows page view is shown to users who own not connected or incomplete configuration Workflows on their board.

They will be able to see the not connected Workflows at the top of the page and reconnect them.

Those users also get a tooltip indicator on the Workflows button (will be shown once on every board)

While clicking over the Activate button on the tooltip - they will redirect straight to the Active Workflows page.

This feature is available in the new Workflow store and the old Integration store.

4. New workflows button indicator of deactivated workflows

Error Workflows button indicator is shown to users who have deactivated Workflows on a board A new Workflow button indicator is shown to users who own deactivated Workflows on their board

While hovering over this button they will be able to see the amount of deactivated Workflows.


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