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📢 New features and improvement updates

1. Docs setting 

The settings let you now personalize your doc while keeping our core values of letting you focus on content and design.

You can customize your doc's font family, font sizes, page layout, doc width, background and patterns and more to come (cover photos, doc stats and more).

A big change that comes with the settings is the pageless mode, which is now the new default. That means that now your embedded boards and widgets will be wider for a better experience and usability.

For now it's released only to monday.monday account. We plan to add some dialog with an explanation and a gif before releasing it to users. 

2. Use my current location on mobile

In order to make it easier for users to add their current location, we have added a button that simply pulls the user's current location from the device and adds it to the table.

With this change, users will be able to easily add the current location without having to enter it manually.

3. Workdays added to the "In the last/next" Date column filters

Say hello to a new addition of Workdays to the "In the last/next" Date column filters. Starting today, you can now use Workdays as a complementary unit to the already available Days, Weeks, and Months.

It's available in all places where advanced filters are working, like saved views or conditional coloring.

Filters using the Workdays unit use the account's preference for the first day of the week, so depending on whether the account's weekend is on Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun the items will be filtered accordingly. They do not yet know about holidays or a four-day work week.


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