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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

👉 Custom automations now support apps!!

Users can now build custom recipe workflows with the apps they’ve installed, allowing for a more customizable experience!

👉 Custom Automations - Number condition

You can now add a condition for custom automations that will check a number value against some other value. for example, run an automation when a certain count or price is reached.

This feature exists in some capacity as a static automation trigger, and now available as a custom automation condition, giving it much more power as the trigger can now be anything with the number condition as an added condition.

👉 Board header sticky

The idea for this feature is to allow users to get more context and perform board actions like filters and sort no matter where they are positioned in the board

👉 The long-anticipated subfolders feature is finally supported! now supports an extra layer of folders.

Stay tuned for more future updates!!!

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