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New update in 💡

1. Not case-sensitive match automation

Match automations used to connect between items in boards by column values and these values have to be exact, but still not all user's relevant items got connected even tho no automation failed.

And now the user needs to go over all the column values that didn't match and fix the value so it will be exact manually one by one.

For example when match automation done by email column value, neither the user nor we nor gmail care if email address is with or without upper case (gmail handles and the same way) - so in order to further reflect real life use case from now we'll handle these 2 emails the same in match automation.

This should friction and increase adoption of this automation and increase connection between boards. 2. Edit reply on iOS tl;dr - You can finally edit your replies on iOS 🤩

Reply editing will be available to all users in the upcoming iOS version - v4.58 which will be available in about a week.

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