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Smartsheet Control Center Global Update feature- Ability to add and modify multi-select column type

Control Center customers can now use the “Add New Column” or “Modify Existing Column” Global Update options in Control Center to include multi-select columns. Portfolio Owners will see two new options they can select from under the Column Type field: “Multiple Contact List” and “Multiple Select Dropdown.”

For example, let’s say you want to add a new multi-select dropdown status column (Not Started, In-Progress, Completed) to all your project sheets, you can now input these options using Global Updates. After the Global Update is created, you can run a test, confirm the accuracy and then apply the bulk update.

Additionally, you can run a Global Update to modify these options as well, for example, down the road you could add another dropdown option called “Delayed” and then apply it across all your sheets. Lastly, you can modify existing non multi-select columns to make them multi-select.

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