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User Management: Deactivate User Function

As part of our work to make the management of user and asset ownership easier for SysAdmins, we have made some changes to the “delete user” process. We separated the user delete process into three discrete steps, where formerly those steps occurred synchronously and automatically. Specifically, moving forward, to fully delete a user, SysAdmins must manually 1) transfer ownership of assets and groups 2) remove sharing from all assets and 3) select “delete user”.

In addition, here are some new options in user management and differences between each

Deactivate user

Smartsheet recommends deactivation as the preferred means of removing a user from Smartsheet.

Deactivated users won't be able to sign in to your company Smartsheet account, but items they created remain available. Upon deactivation, you will get their license back, and you can continue to access their assets and profile to reassign ownership of content and groups as needed.

Reactivate user

If a deactivated user rejoins your organization, you can reactivate their account. Reactivation assigns a license and restores access to shared items or assets the user still owns.

Delete user

Delete user permanently removes the user from your org. Deleted users can no longer access your account, and their licenses will be released.

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