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Construction and Engineering

Streamline your construction project lifecycle — and rapidly respond to safety concerns.


Lay out the entire scope, schedule, and budget of a project on a platform that enables you to securely share information with your broader team and clients. Create a multi-project portal overview of all projects to see status and progress across your entire portfolio.

Safety management

Workers can quickly and easily report potential issues on their phones via QR codes posted at job sites or mobile app for site managers and the home office to access in real time.

Field operations

Capture issues in real time from any device with mobile apps for iOS and Android, and increase collaboration among project teams, vendors, subcontractors, and clients.

Resource management

Build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs — including personnel and equipment.

Quality control

Reduce testing and inspection errors, accelerate close-out time, and improve job satisfaction by maintaining transparency between clients and site crews.


Whether you’re reporting on site safety or project plans, enables you to pull all relevant information into customizable dashboards for clients, partners, or internal leadership to speed response times and decision making.

Compliance Training

  • Simplify onboarding by managing and tracking compliance training centrally

  • Provide automatic reminders to staff for pending/new training requirements

  • Generate reports for authorities and leadership teams

Environmental Inspection

  • Report/Identify any environmental incidents

  • Identify indicators using dashboards for trends

  • Quickly identify and resolve safety, compliance, and health issues

Deficiency Software

  • ​Identify and record deficiency through mobile app on-site. Capture photos to show deficiency opportunities

  • Prioritize, plan and track deficiencies to closure by tracking tasks, responsibilities, dates, and status

  • Monitor progress through reports and dashboards


  • Empower your field staff to complete inspection and audits on the field by completing checklists and identifying deficiencies

  • Follow-up and track on incomplete items and deficiencies

  • Roll-up data from individual quality and audit assessment to see the bigger picture by site or at project level

  • Obtain real-time progress and results through desktop and mobile dashboards


  • ​Collaborate on designs between various parties (Subs) using a cloud based solution to ensure design is complete and ready to review/approval

  • Add comments and attachments to design elements

  • Obtain online approvals and signatures remotely and move work forward

We offer pre-built solutions, templates, and custom solutions for construction companies, including owners, general contractors, and
real estate agencies

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