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Metadata-driven architecture

Mapsly adjusts to data structure in your CRM and automatically stores custom objects and fields. Without compromising performance on large datasets.

JavaScript & integrated IDE

Multiple sources at once

Event-triggers & schedule

Custom code can run in event handlers related to UI (like Form.OnOpen, Button.OnClick), data import (like ImportSession.OnFinish) or by schedule.

Form builder & API callouts

Create custom forms and map popups in minutes and implement real-time data exchange with API callouts in various event handlers in JavaScript.

Draw custom objects on map

Plot your own objects on the map by defining how an object should be drawn out of visual primitives like polygons, lines and text label(s) using Mapsly meta language.

A wide range of geo-tools for sales, service, marketing & reporting

An all-in-one suite of powerful yet easy-to-use geo-intelligence features, with meticulously thought-out user interface for web and mobile — to put your location data to work across the entire organization.

Why Us?

Process and People first

Pre-built solutions


Co-build approach


Foster self-reliance


Industry expertise


The Ultimate Map for Smartsheet

Geo-analysis, optimized routing, visual territory management & no-code geo-automation

Mapsly is a geo-intelligence platform that integrates with your Smartsheet and shows its data on the map, allows you to analyze it, mass-update it, plan optimized routes for your sales reps, draw and auto-assign territories, implement advanced automation based on location data without writing code; and much more.

Mapsly integrates with Smartsheet via a native API-based bi-directional connector built by the Mapsly team that automatically syncs your Mapsly account’s objects and fields with those of your Smartsheet, automatically pulls data into Mapsly and allows you to edit any data in your Smartsheet directly in Mapsly. Updates made in Mapsly are pushed to Smartsheet in real time.

Our Services

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