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Smartsheet Foundations Certificate


This certificate is designed for beginner users who aspire to learn foundations of Smartsheet and its collaborative and optimizing capabilities.

Length: 8-hours

Mode of Instruction: Virtual (Instructor led) 

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of MS Excel (Optional)

Level: Beginner



After completing this certificate course, a user will be able to

  • Setup, configure and manage workspaces, folders and sheets

  • Use basic sheet functions

  • Setup simple reports

  • Collaborate with other users

  • Setup alerts, reminders and update requests

  • Communicate and manage work using Smartsheet


Course Content


Getting Started

  • Personal Settings & Navigation

  • Understand various user types & Permissions

  • Creating new sheets, folders & workspaces

  • Adding contact within My Smartsheet Contacts


  • Organize work with hierarchy

  • Centralize communication with the use of comments and attachments

  • Create basic formulas

  • Introduction to views: Grid, Gantt, Calendar & Card

Work with Sheets

  • Formatting & Navigation

  • Inserting & re-arranging rows & columns

  • Utilize column properties

  • Import & Export sheets to PDF & Excel

  • Cell History & Highlight Changes

  • Activity log

  • Build conditional formatting rules to visually track updates and information


  • Workspaces & sharing permissions

  • User & Group Management

  • Creating & sharing filters

  • Discussion, Comments & Attachments

  • Use update requests to get information from external collaborators

  • Set up alerts and act on those when notified in Smartsheet’s Notification Center

  • Set row and sheet level reminders

  • Tracking sheet changes through cell history, activity log and highlight changes


  • Sending Update Requests

  • Notification & Reminders

  • Send work via sending a row and sending a sheet

  • Share work by inviting collaborators and assigning permission levels

  • Print and publish sheets to allow greater audiences to view your work

  • Create criterion-based report

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