Customer Success Stories


Automated Invoice Tracking & Approval Process

Designed an automated approval workflow with inputs from various executive and management team alike, providing real-time updates, and shrinking the overall approval process

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Improved Team Communication, Collaboration and Executive Visibility

Noblegen is an advanced digital biology company that employs microorganisms to reshape the world’s linear food systems with efficient and affordable circular solutions.


Improved Product

Development Process

Successfully improved communication and collaboration across product development teams in a manufacturing company, providing real-time visibility into status updates


Improved Employee Performance

Improved visibility and collaboration among employees in a real estate firm by establishing algorithms and giving a centralized location to view all ratings for all employees


Improved and Efficient

R&D process

Improved the efficiency of the R&D process by introducing Smartsheet for tracking changes and managing communications within the team, reflecting live status update


Improved Project


Cooper Surgical is committed to providing solutions that improve the lives of women, infants, and families and offer value to the lives of every customer.


Real-time Hiring and

Onboarding Platform

Created an online hiring and onboarding platform with integrations across job sites, providing real-time updates, and shortening the overall recruitment cycle