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Smartsheet Engage 2023: Day 1 Highlights and Receiving the MVP Award!

Day 1 at Engage was packed with information, meeting new people, reconnecting with old acquaintance, learning, seeing and experiencing upcoming and future Smartsheet features.

We are so excited for the first time ever to be the Engage Sponsor 2023! Our booth looks spectacular, and we are so ready to welcome all the 3,500 attendees! After all, the event was sold out.

Day 1 started with Mike Arnz, Chief Revenue Officer, presenting the Aligned Partner Program to over 170 partners from 16 countries. Mike reinforced and strengthened the importance to leverage expertise, staying connected, growing, evolving, and mostly putting the best solution and best thinking to help our customers to succeed.

The opening was followed by a Fireside Chat with Mark Mader, CEO, highlighting the importance of doing well instead of doing fast, and focusing on the solution orientation instead of future function. Great insights.

Chris Marsh, research Direction at S&P Global took the stage to amaze us with insightful stats and the perspective of the employee towards Collaborative Work Management Tools. Did you know?


61% of employees say that their biggest technology obstacle is having too many siloed applications that don't integrate with one another, which stifles collaboration, information sharing and workflow


As part of the excitement at Engage, the much-anticipated Product Preview was presented by Gihan Musasinghe, VP of Engineering, who not only elaborated on the fixes, launches, innovations coming up, but he was not afraid to take dozens of questions from eager partners looking for the best solution and improvements. We cannot share those yet until official release to public on Day 2 so checkout our post tomorrow to see all updates.

The day ended with Achievan receiving, Most Valuable Player (MVP) award from Smartsheet! This award Honors the top partner achiever who not only provided stellar service to our joint customers, but also built new business value by tapping into the power of network, relationships, and ecosystems. We are so proud of our team's accomplishments and thank our clients for your support!

Stay tunned for tomorrow's update, when we'll be sharing more details about the Product Review and what's happening at the Achievan booth.


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