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Smartsheet Launches Work Insights

Updated: Feb 6, 2022


We are excited to announce the launch of Work Insights by Smartsheet!!

Work Insights helps you make better decisions about the work you’re doing in Smartsheet by uncovering and visualizing key trends, activities, and bottlenecks.

Work Insights automatically analyzes and visualizes the current and historical data in your sheet. Work Insights can help answer questions like:

❓ How many items are In progress?

❓ How many new tickets have been opened week over week?

❓ How long does it take on average for tickets to go from open to resolved?

You can use Work Insights to display:

✅ Column snapshots: View rows on a specified day, broken out by a set of column values. For example, how many work items does each team member have?

✅ Total new rows added each day/week/month: For example, how many new requests did you get this week?

✅ The number of rows across two column values. For example, how many high-priority issues did the sales department submit?


👉 On the right feature bar, select Work Insights

👉 To add a new Work Insight:

- At the top right of the Work Insights pan, select + New Insight.

- Select Column Snapshot, Time Series, or Cross Tabs.

- The insight will be added at the bottom of the panel. Adjust the settings as needed to display the data you want to see.

👉 You can use filters to further refine your Work Insight:

- In the top right corner of each Work Insight block, select the filter icon.

- Enter your criteria and then select Apply.

- To delete a filter, select the filter icon and then, select delete.

Work Insights automatically aggregates your data for you and visualizes it so you can focus on what’s happening in your work instead of losing valuable time building complex reports.

Work Insights gives you the power of business intelligence right in your sheet.

Begin your free trial with Smartsheet and try it out today 😊

To Learn more about Work Insights visit Smartsheet:

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